ThunderBot helps you build an amazing server.

ThunderBot has all sorts of different features. Ragning from image generation and economy, to moderation and utility. We're also one of the only Discord bots that is updated almost every day. And unlike a lot of other new bots out there, ThunderBot has incredible uptime.

Compete for the most coins

A polished economy system with more to always uncover keeps your server active. People love using the ThunderBot economy.

Moderation and profanity filter

Most servers expect people to be respectful, kind, and not use profanity. ThunderBot moderation tools give you a chat filter, as well as commands to deal with rule-breakers.

Fun minigames

We have minigames such as tic-tac-toe to play with your friends right in Discord!

Is that it?

Of course not! You should visit the docs to see everything that ThunderBot can do!